Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tangle Swaps with Raye Burnett and Sonia Simone

First off... here's the tiles as they arrived to me last week:

Today I decided to work on them. I'll start with what I did with the tiles that Raye Burnett sent me.

I absolutely LOVE the way she did the background colour. I have to find out her technique cause it's just so gorgeous!

I wanted as much of those gorgeous backgrounds to show through as possible so I tried not to hide them and I let her lead (since she started the tiles) I tried to follow where I felt the tile should go from there.

In this first one I loved the ovals she began with the band... so I added a band and then started tangling in lines. On the other side I mirrored her ovals and then added some Mooka which ended up looking (to me) like olives that had sprouted LOL

In this next tile the swirl was the starting point of her drawing... so I decided to continue with it and draw in my lace pattern that I love so much and then a few Ah (that's the tangles name).

Earlier I did some work on Sonia Simone's tiles that she sent me. I loved the colour in these ones as well and wanted to play with the colour without hiding it.

This second Bijou tile (2"x2") was just so cute... and so I decided to add some glitter! I grabbed my gel pens and went through them finding the ones with glitter and then picked a few to create this lovely glittery background. I also added some glitter to her tangle so it all flowed nicely.

I love doing swaps with people. It allows me to focus on their style or their starting tiles and work within those limitations. ;)

Aleesha Sattva CZT

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