Friday, September 2, 2016

Tangle Swaps!

I had no idea that people were doing half an art piece and sending it off to another 'tangler' and having them complete (and keep) the piece.

So I had to get in on the fun!

Here are the pieces I did in the last two days and I'll be sending them out tomorrow. I have three more to complete!

The above piece is going to someone in Hawaii. It's a postcard... and they are sending me a postcard (same quality paper) and I'll complete their piece!

The one below is four of the seven tiles I need to have completed for seven other people!

And below is the other three:

And this is the tile I made for a fellow CZT. I decided that it would be so much for CZTs to trade amongst themselves... so I created a group on Facebook to do just that! Edited to add: turns out I did a bit too much on this tile... so I made her another couple. Her's is the blue flower below!

And here's the blue one I sent to her:

Once they are completed by the other person(s) I'll post the results!

Aleesha Sattva CZT

Edited to add:

Here's one of the completed swaps:

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