Thursday, September 1, 2016

Love this piece... and Swan Light by Glaring

This piece is, IMO the best art I've ever done. I'm super pleased with this! In the picture with three images in one... it is the Inktense Pencils added to the piece and then the process of adding water to it (top right photo)... watch the progression. In the end it was about 4 hours of painting involved in this piece. (notice the glaze pen in the background... that needed 24 hours to dry before painting).

I used: Copic Multiliners (many different sizes), InkTense Pencils, Derwent Line Painters (Graphik), and Koi Watercolours all on a Large Tangle Me This! Sketchbook Lavender.

You can purchase a Sketchbook on Etsy.

And I believe my art just went to a whole new place because of my new light that my hubbins bought me. I love this light = it has 42 different settings!!! Loving it - Swan Light by Glaring.

Aleesha Sattva CZT

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