Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zentangle Expat Group

I've started a new group here in Chiangmai, Thailand. It's a Zentangle Group for Expats. You need to be a member of the Chiangmai Expat Association to come to the group and for no money... you get free Zentangle lessons from me. The exchange is... you purchase a meal and/or a beverage from the Bistro where we meet. The owner doesn't ask us for any rent... just asks us to support him through a purchase.

Pretty sweet deal eh?

Today was our first meeting and we were packed to the gills. A total full house! So anyone new wanting to join will have to go on a waiting list to come as we just don't have any more room for any more bodies.

We did a modified Basics Class today - teaching much of the language and methods of Zentangle although we'll go through more of them at the next meeting.

We meet the third Tuesday of every month. Noon - 3pm

So here's our lovely mosaic at the end of the class.

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Here's the tangles we learned today:

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Everyone purchased a starter kit and future members will purchase their own. We decided to go with these products: 

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And here are a couple of things people may want to pick up for themselves:

This is a really cute sketchbook - it's at the art store in Maya

These are full sets of either Microns (the pen you got in your Starter Kit) or you could also choose Staedtlers.
Just be sure to know that every company uses a different shade of black so you need to always use the same pens from the same company on any given piece you are working on.  

If you are an Expat in Chiangmai and want to join our group... please email me: aleeshasattva@icloud.com

Happy tangling,
Aleesha Sattva CZT

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