Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Couple of pieces

Here's a couple of recent pieces I've done.

This first one (above) was done with Copic Multiliners and TomBow markers. The small end of the markers can be rough on paper so you have to be very gentle when you use it. 

This piece (above) was done with watercolours (Koi) and then Copic Multiliners (that's pretty much all I use now). Then I added some extra controlled colour with my Derwent Graphik Line Painters. 

This one went through a lot of 'ugly' phases but now it's one of my favourite pieces I've done. It shows you... never ever ever give up on a piece... you never know where it'll take you but always see it through to the end. You might just get a pleasant surprise!

Aleesha Sattva CZT

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