Saturday, June 4, 2016

LED Ceiling Lamp Cover

We wanted to replace the light in our apartment and honestly... the lights here are not all that interesting (that would fit in the space and cover the huge area of the previous light)... so we ended up getting a newer version of what was already there.

The big exception was... we chose LED because the 'orange' colour of the LED lights here in Thailand is way nicer than the fluorescent orange (and the only other alternative is a white blue that is horrid on the eyes.)

So... we brought it home and I started to tangle it.

I used a black identi-pen, the microperms 05,03 and 01 we got when I was at CZT training, a gold Pilot "super colour" extra fine pen (the kind you shake and then pump the tip to activate). Three colours of Sakura acrylic paint and a 6B graphite pencil.

I spent a few hours working on the tangles and then I painted and added my gold touches... and then I used graphite to add a bit of shading.

Here's a few pics of my process:

On the above layer I added orange first... then red... then yellow. 

After I did another layer of orange I had my hubby hold it up so we could see the light through it. 

This is the finished product. And below it's hung up on the ceiling.

And this is it lit up. 

It's ah-mazing what you can do to personalize your place even when it isn't your own forever home. 

Tangle on...
Aleesha Sattva CZT

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