Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Diva Challenge Week 268

I spent the day relaxing (for the 5th day in a row - I am sick in the heat of Thailand... can't even begin to say how yucky that is LOL) and decided to do the Diva Challenge this week.

I seldom use black in my art. Seldom. I dislike how it looks streaky and it can be a pain to colour in... so I seldom (if ever) add black. That precisely why I decided to do Laura's challenge. To have myself do something I never do.

While I was drawing I decided to teach my Sissy how to colour in Gems - since she's never done it and she's here visiting for a month from Australia.

Here's me working on my tile:

Here's my tile:

And here she is creating hers:

(Her's is not doing the Diva Challenge - just learning how to do gems)



  1. Great Diva tile, your gems are gorgeous. I agree it can be difficult to get black to spread evenly,

    1. A brush pen helps... but still... it can be a pain in the butt LOL

  2. Pretty tile with the gems! Enjoy your visit with your sister!

  3. This tile is gorgeous; the combination of black and the gems is great. Hope to 'see' you here again!!!

  4. Wonderful tile! The gems are lovely accents!

  5. Nice touch of black. Like the gems. The touch of color helps set things off.

  6. Your tile is really beautiful!