Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Don't give up!

I was working on a gem... and I just didn't feel like it was getting the depth and the roundness that I wanted...

It seemed that no matter how much shading I did... it just didn't pop the way I wanted it to. So... I asked some people on Facebook for suggestions and I went back and coloured in the piece to see if I could achieve what I was hoping for.

I think I kinda sorta achieved it.

So remember... if at first it doesn't look like you want it to... set it aside. Give it a day. And then go back and see what you can do to change it!

Today I was playing with a piece that I watercoloured when Josh was here. I used a lot of different thicknesses of pens here (Copic Multiliners). I like the effect.

tangle on,

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