Monday, December 21, 2015

Tangle Me This! Sketchbook Video

As you know I'm back from Thailand and Vietnam (with a brief layover in the airport in Taipei) and I've made a video of the tangles I did in my Tangle Me This! Sketchbook while I was gone.

I used the Sketchbook as a journal of my experience. Often writing on the slip sheets that are in between each of the Etrusca pages and sometimes writing on the tangled pages themselves.

I loved working with watercolours and really had a great time exploring what I could do with them. Sometimes what I did with the watercolours was a real challenge when it came to tangling over them, but I think each of the pages turned out really great.

I love that I could enhance the outline of the tiles with graphite, or I could allow them to fade in to the image. That's the reason I make the outlines so soft and broken up - I don't want them to define the image but rather to simply give you a starting off point.

Each Tangle Me This! Sketchbook has approx. 50 standard Zentangle® size tiles 3.5" x 3.5" and approx. 100 Bijou® size tiles. 2" x 2" and the larger-sized version has approx. 50-75 standard Zentangle® size tiles 3.5" x 3.5" and approx. 100-150 Bijou® size tiles. 2" x 2"

Please visit here and here for more info... and HERE to order one for yourself.

So without further rambling from me... here's the video!