Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Advaita Vedanta Meditation Instructor

Today I took my final exam to complete my year long course to become a Certified Advaita Vedanta Meditation Instructor and... I passed with flying colours!

I'm extremely blissed out right now... walking on sunshine!

Tomorrow Parz takes his final exam (and I know he'll pass with flying colours as well) and then we'll be ready to teach students!

So happy, bliss-filled and excited to continue on this path.

Thankfully our instructor, Sampriya is going to teach an advanced course starting in April and we are both already signed up!

I love growing!!!

Our monthly meditation group/class will resume in January. It's a free class for anyone who wants to come. We are up at SFU in Burnaby BC. Email me for details.

If you are interested in studying with Sampriya at Essence of the Himalayas ... please follow this link for details:

with bliss,
Aleesha Sattva
Certified Advaita Vedanta Meditation Instructor

ps I have the above image on every one of my vision boards over the years... and it's finally come to fruition!

EDITED TO ADD: Parz took his exam and did a really great job! He is now a Certified Advaita Vedanta Meditation Instructor!!! This is the Zentangle I drew for him while he was doing it. He had a spiritual awakening during the exam experience... it was beautiful... and here's what I drew.

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