Saturday, May 30, 2015

Zentangle Beginners Class 5-30-15

Today I taught a Beginners Class. It was great. I've never taught someone with Down Syndrome before and he was such an eager student. We all had a great time. The hostess is quite the entertainer so we had really yummy snacks!

When you host a class - you don't need to do snacks. Normally the students are so busy drawing they don't have time for eating. But we all took a short break today to enjoy the spread she put out for us.

First... here's a few pics of me teaching. I didn't know that I am so animated when I talk but obviously I am. LOL

And here are the class mosaics from today!

If you want to take a class... please visit my website at for upcoming dates.

’Til next we ‘Tangle' together,

Aleesha Sattva CZT
Certified Zentangle ® Teacher

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