Friday, April 24, 2015

My CZT experience first-hand.

Made before I went to the conference
Ok... so you all know how much I love to share my experiences with you. This course to become a CZT was so amazing... but... I can't share any details with any of you. Why you ask? Because Rick and Maria want to keep it magical and fresh for every single future CZT who comes for training. So no pics are shared via social media at all - not a single Zentangle we've created. What I can tell you is that it is worth every penny and more. I created new friendships, sat in a group of so many positive supportive people and created art with like-minded individuals. We were all equals.

Rick and Maria are so real and down-to-earth. They guided us through the course with so much fun, light-hearted joy literally dripping off of them the entire time. Now I know why you never hear a negative word about this course... because there's simply nothing negative to share.

Just think... a large group (108 students) and staff who are ALL so positive the entire time!!!

What a treat this was. So much so, that I'm enrolling Parz and Az (and myself) in to CZT 22 or 23 next year! I simply have to share this with them. <3

I very very very highly recommend you enrol as well. Even if you don't want to teach (as many of the students there never plan to teach). Learning the essence of this art form from the creators - the how's and why's behind literally EVERY decision they've made (how they create a tangle to legal matters regarding copyright) - they are so open and honest... and they care so much about their CZTs...

I could go on and on but as I said in the beginning... we don't want to spoil the surprise of this experience for anyone else.

Just enrol! Trust me... you won't be disappointed!


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