Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Video of my work to date

I had never put pen to paper to create art before Dec. 2014. But in only 3 short months I feel like I've come a long way with my art.

I leave to take my training in less than three weeks - to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher - CZT.

So I made an iMovie of my work to date... to share with you all:

I was asked, within my "One Zentangle a Day" book to define my style. It asked me to take some of my Zentangle tiles and put them together, side-by-side and then define my style.

The words that came to mind when looking at my tiles were: organic, open, airy, free, ungrounded and whimsical. What do you think?

Many people have a lot of tangles within their pieces. There is no blank space left. I enjoy the use of negative space (blank areas). I feel it assists the piece to have movement and for the eye to gently find all of the treasures instead of being overwhelmed at the amount of designs before it.

Here's my tiles: be sure to click on it so it enlarges.


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