Sunday, March 15, 2015

Prismacolour Markers vs Copics

I've had some people ask me why I invested in Prismacolour markers instead of Copics. Here's why:

Both markers last for years. The Copics are refillable with ink and the Prismacolours can be refilled with alcohol. They have enough ink in them to last many years so you just 'refresh' them with alcohol when they stop colouring well.

Both have blenders.

Both are archival.

Both are alcohol-based.

Everything you can do with a Copic you can achieve with a Prismacolour.

Copics have a chisel (wedge) on one end and brush tip on the other - although I've heard you can buy a brush tip for the Copics but I don't know how it would fit as the brush head is a different shaped pen than the chisel pen. Prismacolour has a brush tip and a fine tip but you can get a chisel and brush tip just like the Copic markers.

So when it comes to a double-ended marker... for my needs... Prismacolour wins.

Prismacolour has 200 markers and if there are any colours you don't have with this set, you can always buy one or two markers in another brand (like Copic = 358 colours, Shinhan = 204, Spectrum Noir = 168 colours etc.) {All of the ones I just mentioned have the chisel end instead of a fine end.} For example there isn't a really bright red in the Prismacolour markers - so I use my Micron red and it fills in the void nicely.

Youtube has a lot of comparison videos so do your homework. Watch them and then make a decision what's right for YOUR art cause everyone has different needs.

Personally... I love having two ends on one marker and using both of them is important to me. Why pay for a double-ended marker if you are only ever using one end?


ps This is the colour scheme of the box you want if you are buying the Prismacolour double-ended brush/fine tips. The purple box is the chisel/brush tips.

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