Saturday, March 28, 2015

Derwent XL Graphite Blocks

I really love this. I picked up some new cool tools. Derwent XL Graphite blocks. The 6 pack. In this piece I used them all. Wanted to try them out. 
Then I added a little bit of highlighting with my Prismacolour markers. The colour in the centre and the blue in the background... is all graphite not markers. 
It's very similar to using chalks except you can erase the graphite if you lay down too much. THIS is a huge gift! 
I bought these so that I could shade without any lines at all to "blend away". I simply use my shading stumps - rubbing them on the graphite blocks and if I want... I blend more than one together on the stump before shading. I used this technique in the round beads. 
I love just how different this one looks for all four perspectives, so I thought I share them all with you.


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