Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Derwent Sharpener and 0.3mm Pilot pens

The postman came and guess what finally arrived!!!

My new Derwent sharpener. It is supposed to be amazing with Prismacolour coloured pencils - and I tried it out and it was! Obviously it was also great with my Derwent shading pencils.

And my Pilot pens arrived. I don't use these for art - I use them to write client notes and notes when I'm in class. I love to use different colours of pens so these fit the bill AND they won't get all clumpy and gooey like most pens do. I really dislike it when a pen starts to goo/bleed on a page when I'm writing.

I already have 0.4mm pens by Pilot and love them. I wanted to order more and these were less expensive than the 0.4mm so I order these ones instead. I love the way they look and how they feel in my hand!

And the colours!!!!! Oh the colours!!! I'm so pleased.

I'm sick... but this made me smile HUGE!


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