Friday, March 20, 2015

Blessed Spring!!!

Ah spring arrived a long time ago here in Vancouver, BC Canada. We have lots of blooms out there. The trees have all budded out and our weather has been amazingly warm. We've been going for walks without jackets and bare feet in our Birkenstocks.

We've been sick all week and I haven't been able to draw. Yesterday I decided to try a little something... and it turned in to SPRING!

I was practicing blending with my Prismacolour markers. I watch videos on blending techniques to learn (no need to reinvent the wheel, might as well learn from others!).

Anyway, I'm not thrilled with this one... but it was a nice learning experience.

So... a little while after posting this I decided that I'd like it better with more greenery. So... I added more ad now I like it.

Remember... it's YOUR art. If you feel like going back and adding more, then do it.



  1. Very nice, Aleesha! Just looking at your drawing puts me in a better mood. It's finally warming up here in Wyoming, too and after a rough winter with lots of snow, bitter temps and wind, as well as flu and bronchitis, the warmer weather is a welcome relief. Beautiful work!